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Mark Adams’ unique piano style and energy have become a fan favorite to come and listen to. As his name became synonymous with piano rock, you will see his energy also shown through his acoustic guitar skills. Mark brings youthful enthusiasm to his upbeat rock n roll tunes, and raw piano ballads capable of transforming any atmosphere.

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Mark Adams is a very talented musician and singer/songwriter who gives the audience, and the artists he is playing with, great energy and spirit. Mark easily moves between multiple instruments depending on the performance environment. Best of all, he is a blast to be around.
Jaymie Jones of "Mulberry Lane" and "Belles & Whistles"
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Mark Adams & Daniel Christian
"A Moment Vanishing" (2013)

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Mark Adams
      “All the Way Let Go” (2010)

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Daniel Christian
“Hold Your Breath” (2010)
*strings composer*

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Tim LeVan Miller
*piano/backing vocals*

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Stewart John
“On the Inside” (2009)

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Mark Adams (As “Doc” Adams)
“A Long Road to Nowhere” (2004)
*no longer in print*

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